Find your balance

"In a life full of contradictions, I find my balance" - Marcel Wille

From an early age

From a very young age, I have been interested in other cultures, history, nature, making new friends, sports, good food (cooking) and especially lots of laughter. Joking among friends, silly jokes, really being able to burst out laughing.



I myself am always looking for contrasts, from one extreme to the other. These opposites belong together and that gives a unique vibe. Despite the fact that I like to be among people, I like to have moments alone. Just to do or say nothing, wonderful.



In my life, I have always needed an outlet. I sometimes have an inexhaustible energy, which is nice when you have to start up certain things and take on new projects. I didn't used to have that and at school it wasn't always easy to keep my focus. I couldn't be motivated until I started cooking. That was creative work and I could make beautiful things.



I used to go out a lot and drink a lot of beers. At a later age (19), I came into contact with kickboxing and was immediately hooked. I trained with the legendary Ramon Dekkers, who unfortunately died far too early. I fought on an A-class level. In Thailand against the number 1, for the European and the world title. Always fighting, injuries or not, against a heavier opponent; always fighting.


My sports career continued in teaching aerobics, steps & street dance. For a long time I taught 30 hours a week and in the beginning I didn't even get tired. From teaching I was introduced to yoga. I was hooked straight away and for a long time I took 1 to 1 lessons in Antwerp. Then I travelled to Bali for a month, 5 years in a row, to learn yoga, meditation and Ayurveda from first line Western teachers. In between I also enjoyed a 1 year Ayurvedic training in Belgium. Until today, I still do my own practice every day.



I have 4 children, all boys. I like to joke around or do things together. Going on holiday together, training together or cooking dinner.

I am always looking for how I can help people in my teaching. In their practice, with their health, mindset or whatever. I like it when people get results from their efforts. I like to bring people together, sometimes with different ideas. I stand up for the underdog and hate injustice. I am committed to good causes and like to help my fellow man.


Everything I do, I want to make successful. I want to be among the best, whatever the cost. I don't think up a strategy. I go by my feelings and push until I get results, then I adjust it, mould it a bit and if it doesn't work right away (which is usually the case) I push a bit harder. That takes effort and therefore cooperation is sometimes difficult 🙂


My life is Black & White, run or stand still, Thai boxing or Yoga. I try to take off the sharp edges so I can go with the flow I am in. Not swimming against the current............. enjoy the ride.



Do you also choose balance?

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