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In een wereld met zoveel keuzes, kies dan voor jezelf. Want alleen als je goed bent voor jezelf, kun je dit ook zijn voor anderen <3

Pilates, Hot Yoga and more!

In your yoga or pilates practice, you get the chance to let go of your emotions, get more in touch with yourself and relax. Yoga and Pilates is for many people a way to take off the sharp edges and get to know themselves better. Join us and experience it yourself!

We know that there is a yoga form for everybody. Choose from over 40 classes per week, from traditional Ashtanga yoga to easy-going Yin yoga, from in-depth Vinyasa yoga to relaxing hot yoga. 

The teachers who teach are all specialised in the form they teach. Many of them have taken yoga courses in Bali, India and other countries in the world. We find it important that the teachers who teach yoga also regularly practice yoga themselves. This allows them to better guide you as a participant in the process.

More than 40+ lessons per week

Enjoy our soothing atmosphere. Our high ceilings and large studios give you a feeling of liberty and freedom. With us, you can be yourself.

Our facilities are decorated with furniture that we have brought ourselves all the way from Bali. Our yoga studios have a view on our tropical courtyard garden with bamboo plants, palm trees and an idyllic water fountain. The perfect place to take some refuge from your everyday life.


Would you like to come and play sports?

Besides Yoga & Pilates classes we also offer an extensive sports schedule. See the complete schedule below.

"Life has ups and downs. We do our best to take off the sharp edges."

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Yoga for Beginners and Advanced Yogis

One of our two yoga studios has heating that goes between 36°C and 40°C, which is perfect for hot yoga and hot Pilates. Hot workouts are ideal for people with stiff muscles or joints, as it helps your body relax and be more flexible. The sweating has an added detoxing effect. After a hot workout, we recommend a meditation session to soak in the peace and quiet. An awe-inspiring experience!


We offer classes for both beginners and advanced yogis. Just get in touch and we will find the perfect yoga class for you. Don’t fret if you feel too old or inflexible, yoga is for everybody! 


We offer 4 types of subscriptions: 1, 2, 3 or up to 5 times a week sports. In addition to these live classes, you get access to our online platform. Here are another 100+ yoga classes that you can easily take at home. Many members combine a live class with home yoga and say they really like it. Our location is 3 min from the A27 highway (Breda-Noord exit). Parking is free in front of the door. We hope to see you soon, join us and experience the atmosphere! Love & Peace.


Want to grab some food after your yoga class?

At our vegan restaurant, we only use honest ingredients. We serve exclusively EARTH-brand coffee, which is not only well-rounded and organic, but also funds water projects in Africa. That way, you never drink alone! Our vegetables are locally sourced wherever possible and we keep in touch with our local suppliers to ensure that our farmers get a good price. Our cake is from a patisserie in Tilburg and our sourdough bread is freshly baked in a traditional bakery around the corner in Oosterhout.

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Breda Spirit Festival

Sunday, June 25, 2023

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The Breda Spirit Festival is a day filled with music, yoga and spirituality. Let's connect and share the love!