Below are some frequently asked questions and answers. Click on a question to see the answer. NOTE: All your personal data can be found as follows:

Go to My Club, then to My Club Account and click on the blue arrow.

Black & White Community

The name Black & White says it all: Everyone is welcome. We want to inspire as many people as possible to create the best version of themselves. Everything we do within Black & White are expressions of our mission. From a dynamic sports class to a relaxing yoga class. From a Healthy lunch to a professional meeting break. We do our best to give our guests a unique and lasting experience.

Part food

Just around the corner from the Sports Club and Yoga School is our lunchroom Black & White KAFE. With an athletic lifestyle, good health is also a high priority. At KAFE you can eat and drink healthy, but most of all delicious! We make fresh smoothies in the morning, fresh soups, have delicious coffee, High Tea and much more. Come and have a look and taste! Click here to view the menu.

Opening hours:

Wednesday - Saturday: 09.30 - 16.00

Kitchen: 11.00 - 15.00

Part Business

Inspiring rooms with a professional look and feel. We have everything you need to make your meeting a success! Click on the link here to see the different options.

More information? Contact 06 - 18 23 22 75.


Outside of our meeting rooms, we have several options for renting spaces of various sizes. Interested? Contact LINK(rob@in-loco.nl).


Yes! As a newcomer to Black & White you can take advantage of our first timers promotion, you pay € 18,-. You will receive 2 lessons, which you can use within a week. This may be any lesson we offer. This way you really get a good impression of our club. Click here to sign up immediately.

Memberships (8 visits per 4 weeks):

CLUB Membership: € 61,-
GREEN Membership: € 76,-
FULL Membership: € 91,-


1 single lesson - valid for 1 week - € 18.

5 lessons - valid for 3 months - € 80

10 lessons - valid for 6 months - € 150

20 lessons - valid for 1 year - € 260.

Click on this link for more information

With us, you pay NO administration costs.

If you purchase a Membership or strippenkaart, you will receive a wristband worth €15. With this you can check in at the front desk after booking your class.

Nice that you want to register! You can register on the website, please go to reception on your first visit. You can also register at the reception desk. Our staff will be happy to help you.

Yes, in the B&W app go to My club account.

Click on the small blue arrow next to Bookings

Then click on payments

Please enter your password again

Click on the invoices you want to view


If you buy a Membership, you get a wristband worth €15.

With a strippenkaart we offer you the opportunity to also purchase a wristband. This makes it easier for you to check in at the reception. The one-off costs for this are €15.

You can reactivate an old wristband at the reception when you become a new member.

How annoying! You may have lost it and dropped it off at reception! Please come and ask there. If you have to buy a new one, the costs are € 15,-.


You download our Black&White app and go to the Schedule tile at the bottom. You go to the appropriate day and which class you wish to take. Click Join and your spot is reserved!

With your subscription you will receive new credits every four weeks.1 credit is 1 lesson. As soon as you book a class in the app, one credit will be deducted. If you can't make it this week, no problem! You don't lose your credits. You save them up until the end of your Membership. Does your subscription expire? Then so do your credits, so keep exercising and/or doing your yoga practice. You may temporarily transfer your subscription to your friend for a maximum of 3 weeks per year. This can be done through our vacation service in the app.

In case of pregnancy, injury/operation or posting abroad, you can freeze your subscription. No subscription fee will be deducted for a certain period. You can request a freeze by sending us an email. In case of injury we may ask for a document as proof of the freeze.

Should you wish to cancel, you can do so in writing or by e-mail. Termination is only possible if all outstanding invoices have been paid. The term of notice is 4 weeks from the next payment date.

Would you like to increase your subscription? You can! Just send an email to receptie@blackandwhite.nu.

We can adjust it for you from your new payment term.

If you have a Membership and do not cancel at the end of the term, your subscription will be automatically renewed for 4 weeks.

You don't have to, you can! We have all the materials at the club for you.

Yes, it is! Well done. Just make sure you sign up for all the classes you take. Each lesson is 1 credit.


When you log into your app, you will see a link at the bottom to request a new password. Follow the steps and create a new password. Then log in with the new password.

Open your app and go to the tile my club account. Click on bookings and see all options there.

Under 'products' you will see the number of credits you have left, any bar balance and your contract date.

Open your app and go to the tile my club account. Click on bookings and see all options there. Under the heading payments, you will find your invoices.

Gift voucher

Of course we sell gift vouchers. You can order them here!

We are working hard on this! Soon you will be able to buy a gift voucher for our sports club! Who wouldn't like to receive a hot yin yoga class as a gift?

I have another question:

You can then mail to: receptie@blackandwhite.nu

Or always call: 085 - 40 10 063

"Every day is a new chance to get stronger, eat better and live healthier. Create the best version of yourself!"

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Breda Spirit Festival

Sunday, June 25, 2023

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The Breda Spirit Festival is a day filled with music, yoga and spirituality. Let's connect and share the love!