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It all starts with coffee

Why does a good collaboration often start with coffee? And why is it number 3 on the list of most consumed drinks?

To understand this, it is good to go back to the origins of coffee.

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Performing optimally in a healthy way

You have a busy day at work, full of meetings and a to-do list that will blow your mind. You might be wondering, how are you going to get it all done? How do you make sure you perform optimally, in the healthiest way possible?

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Bring in the good vibes

Everything around you is energy. You can feel it when you enter a room, talk to someone or do sports. We are very sensitive to energy and generally pick up on it immediately when there is a good vibe or a threatening atmosphere. We ourselves are also a source of energy that not only influences ourselves but also the environment.

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The story behind the Rooibos

The rooibos is produced and processed locally. Because our supplier is not only good at producing, rooibos from other plantations in the area is also processed here. As a result, they have built the best possible chain in which quality, but especially the well-being of the workers, is central.

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