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The name Black & White says it all: Everyone is welcome. We want to inspire as many people as possible to create the best version of themselves. Everything we do here at Black & White is an expression of our mission. From a dynamic sports class to a relaxed yoga class. From a vegan lunch to a professional meeting. We do our utmost to give our guests a unique and sustainable experience.
Bibi"You can always dance."
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Dancing makes you laugh and is in my opinion the most fun workout. It doesn't matter if you already know all the dance steps or you are coming to a zumba class for the first time, together we will make it a party.
Brechje"Let the rhythm guide you
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I have been teaching spinning at Black & White for years. At the moment, I don't teach on regular hours anymore, but I do it with a lot of pleasure. In my lessons I try to let the participants get away from the day, to go along with the rhythm of the music and of course to let them sweat a lot. A combination of hard work, within the participant's own limits of course, and fun. When I see that the people in the room are having a good time, I consider the lesson successful.
Jacky"When are you happy....Whose heart is content."
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I am Jacky. My passion is moving, my background is ballet, dance, sports, theater and singing. I follow my heart to do the things where I can develop myself in my own way. Now Yoga is my inspiration, a way to follow my life meaningfully and consciously; which feels very good. The Yoga philosophy and the practice that I practice gives me insights to be who I am and want to be.
Bianca"The only way to finish is to start"
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When you come to my class, you can expect power. Work out together to the music, put your mind on zero and go! The resistance button will certainly not be left alone! Focus on yourself and see how far you can go to achieve results. Enjoy!
Jeroen"A day without cycling is a day not lived.
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I'm in for a solid lesson of spinning on a nice and varied program of music. Music is a hobby of mine and I listen to it a lot. This is often the reason for my lessons. I want to work hard on the bike with you and encourage you to finish the lesson with that long standing climb. And of course we'll be adding extra resistance. See you soon
Bidi"After rain comes sunshine"
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What I like to do most day and night is helping people. I like to take care of people and listen to people. I am enormously honored that I can offer people a listening ear and that they feel comfortable with me.
Marcel"Keep the engine running!"
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In my classes I look for what's needed, how I can help people in terms of movement, mindset and lifestyle. I want to stimulate people to work on themselves, in whatever way they can. I want to make a positive contribution to the lives of the participants, I want to stimulate everyone to get the best out of themselves and approach everything positively. And during these lessons......... SMILE
Esther"He who gives all, loses nothing."
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I am known to people (I hope) as a cheerful person with a sunny disposition. No question is too much and I hope that both colleagues and members know how to find me when I can be of help.
Britt"Have fun"
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Hi, I am Britt and as soon as it is possible again I am going to teach at Black&White for a few hours. I am really looking forward to that! I have been working out at Black&White for a couple of years now and I also like to run. I am happy with sports (together) and I hope that I can inspire others by sharing my enthusiasm and humor. See you there!
Joelle"Be yourself the change you want to see in the world" (Mahatma Gandhi)
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Hi all, I am Joelle and have been working at Black & White sports club since the end of 2015. I am all round trained in aerobics, club Power and Xcore. So you can definitely find me in these classes! In my own classes I try to convey my energy and enthusiasm to the participants, with a lot of time and attention paid to technique, but of course there is also plenty of room for fun! Will I see you in my class soon?
Hanna"Beautiful things happen all of a sudden."
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According to my friends I'm a good listener and always in for craic and a nice chat. Besides teaching at B&W I work as a dietician, lifestyle coach and I am an exercise scientist. My passion is to motivate and coach people towards a healthy lifestyle, so they feel healthy and happy :)!
Judith"Perfectly imperfect."
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An import Brabo, a chatterbox, love cats (we have 2 Loko & Flip) and (business) drawing. I still send homemade postcards! I work as a Consultant in long term care & am a creative entrepreneur. And now also... spinning teacher! With a very broad taste in music from techno to Chef's special. Will you come and listen to my class?
Leslie"Live and let live"
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A lesson with the down-to-earth Leslie guarantees fun and hard work! With not too many frills straight to our goal! And with zumba you can dance and party!
Lonneke"Don't forget to smile."
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Besides the abdominal muscles that are being worked on during the bodyshape and the leg muscles during a spinning class, the laughing muscles can't be left behind of course. Humor and friendliness are very important to me during my lessons.
Manon van Rijen
Manon van Rijen"Sports for me is really relaxing".
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I recently started teaching club power at Black and White. I do this with a lot of fun and enthusiasm. My goal is that everyone gets satisfaction from the lesson, but also just relaxes.
Marie-José "The power of perseverance is having faith in yourself"
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Group lessons allow me to experience a moment of effort, fun and relaxation at my own level, connected with others and motivated by the instructor. Escape from the worries of the day. This is what I want to convey to everyone who comes to my group lessons. The lesson may certainly be challenging, as a soldier I know what sweating is, but the most important thing is that it is fun. If you leave the class with a tired but satisfied feeling, my mission is accomplished!
Kitty Lommers
Kitty Lommers"Enjoy the day."
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Also known as a bon vivant, chatterbox and sports fan. I also love good food. Sports have always been my passion. It started with dancing, competitive and artistic swimming and taking group lessons. Now I have been working as an all-round group exercise instructor for over 15 years. And I love it! It's great to work out together and have fun. That is what gives me energy!
Marte""I've never done it before, so I think I can do it!"
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Would you like to get the most out of your training? Then you've come to the right place! I teach the high intensity classes like XCO and ClubPower and I love to work with you to push your personal boundaries and get stronger and fitter! In the classes I teach we will make it a party no matter what and you will leave the room with a satisfied feeling. Stronger together!
Monique"Enjoy today, repeat tomorrow"
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In short, I describe myself as someone who loves pure and simple. During my spinning lessons I like to take people with me in my enthusiasm for searching the best in themselves with the right effort and music. People know me for my tranquility and positive attitude.
Wanda"Animals are friends, not food"
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I work at Kafe because I love introducing people to the vegan lifestyle. As the biggest animal lover, I want to inspire people to take animals off the menu and show them how you can eat delicious, healthy and varied food and you can do that at Black and White in an inspiring and positive environment.
Babs"Don't stop moving"
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Hello, I am Babs and together with my husband Marcel we founded Black & White Community. With a great team we run the club and you can find me in many different classes. I teach Pilates, Yoga and various sports workouts. My classes are guaranteed effective, fun and very clear. Also when you have an injury I like to help you train in a safe and pleasant way.
Vivian"Bend it, don't break it"
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500h certified yoga teacher. I did my training in Indonesia and India. After 5 years of living and teaching on bali I moved back to the Netherlands in 2019. I teach Yin and Vinyasa classes where the focus is on body alignment and flexibility.
Sieneke"Become fit, go personal"
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I'm Sieneke, trainer at Black &White Sportsclub, where I mainly give the boxing and bootcamp trainings. During my studies I already gave all kinds of trainings at different gyms, including Boxing, Bootcamps and Dance. I still like group trainings a lot and have always continued to give them. Since I also give Personal Training I see how you can get even more out of a person by specifically focusing on his or her skills.
Silvia"Opening your heart and daring to show the power of vulnerability."
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The classes I teach, all of which are dear to me and to my heart are: senior yoga/pilates, hot yoga/pilates & yin , vinyasa, pilates and yin.
SuzanneCreate your own sunshine
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Hi, I'm Suzanne and I've been teaching spinning at B&W for many years now. Besides spinning I also teach fatburning. Did you become curious? Come and join one of my classes. From happy hardcore to rock and a guaranteed final bang! See you soon 🙂
William"Being positive won't guarantee you'll succeed, but beeing negative will guarantee you won't."
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For years my passion has been food. I literally traveled for it. Over the years I became wiser and went vegan. Now I cook to show people in a positive way that things can and should be different. Furthermore I'm addicted to CrossFit and try to improve myself in it almost daily....
Mirjam"Enjoy the little things in life and live your life to the fullest"
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I am Mirjam, sport is a way of life, it just belongs to it. Exercise is healthy, you only have one body, one life and you have to take care of it. I love to sport with friends, to move, to laugh and to challenge myself to get the best out of you. But also alone in nature, running or walking with the dog... It's great to clear your head. My spinning classes are spicy, powerful, and fun, spinning to the beat of music from Tiesto to the 70s and 80s, so you leave the class with a satisfied feeling. Come, experience and join me!
Zoë"Put on your positive pants"
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Making coffee and serving the most delicious vegan dishes; that's what makes me happy. With a big smile I help everyone who comes to Kafe. I'm still a big fan myself and you can wake me up for our Italian Spring Bowl and a delicious piece of carrot cake.
AnkeI go to the gym to make my soul happy
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Pumping workouts and a lot of fun, that's what I like to include in my lessons. I think it's important that everyone leaves the class with a big smile. And of course we work hard, because I will certainly motivate you to get everything out of your workout. My focus is on your technique and perseverance so that every workout is effective!
TonStill going strong
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As a senior of the group, I enjoy being busy with the technical maintenance of the club, ranging from spinning bike maintenance, painting, electrical work to unexpected repairs. I hope to contribute to the success of the club in this way.
LauraWork hard, play hard
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You can achieve anything you want. Sometimes you have to go the extra mile. In my lessons, I always challenge you to go that extra mile. I combine this with great music, fun elements and lots of energy. It is so nice to see that everyone is working really hard, is enthusiastic, has fun and finishes the lesson with a satisfied feeling. For me, that is "mission accomplished". Would you like to join us? Greetings Laura
Melody van den Worm
Melody van den Worm'Have fun, be yourself, enjoy life and stay positive'
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Hey, my name is Melody. I was given exactly the right name because I love music 🙂 Recently I started teaching Soulride at Black & White with a lot of enthusiasm. In my class you can expect a lot of positive energy and a good dose of humor (if I do say so myself....) and we go through the class together with fun, fun and power. I enjoy being able to motivate you to get the best out of yourself. Hope to see you soon!
Baukje Rooda
Baukje Rooda'Let's stop waiting for a better world, let's start working on it: together.'
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I like to dedicate myself to a better world, human and animal rights are close to my heart. That's why I like to inspire people in how delicious and healthy a vegan lifestyle can be. This is possible at Black & White Kafe like no other. I enjoy exchanging thoughts with guests and making people happy with delicious vegan food. Good for people, animals and the planet!
Marie-Claire Plaisier
Marie-Claire Plaisier'Beauty lies in the unknown'
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Curious, cheerful and sociable. My passion is connecting with people and I love to do that in my work as a receptionist. Personal contact and service are important to me and I love to talk to you! Besides my work at Black & White, I organize women's circles and I am always busy developing spiritually. But not only that, I'm also up for a glass of wine and a dance!
Ellen Drenth
Ellen Drenth'Smile and the world smiles with you'
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Turning your hobby into your job is a wonderful opportunity! This year I started at Black and White as a Club Power instructor. Every time I turn on the music and pick up the barbell my blood starts to flow faster. My goal is to transfer that enthusiasm to others and make it a cool class together. Working hard, sweating hard and laughing together!
Lonneke van Elsacker
Lonneke van Elsacker'Slow is smooth and smooth is fast...'
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In movement, I feel good. I used to go for faster, heavier and farther. Now I know how valuable slowing down can be. I love to let you experience this during one of my yoga classes. Furthermore, I am a mother, military and more...but mostly myself.
Maaike de Ronde
Maaike de Ronde'Find the love you seek, by first finding the love within yourself. Learn to rest in that place within you that is your true home'
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I teach a playful spicy Vinyasa yoga, a lovely loving Yin, a spirited Pilates, a fine accessible Easy flow and a gentle cozy Pregnancy Yoga.

During my classes we go nice and deeper into ourselves, learning to feel, accept and be kind to ourselves with a touch of humor and sometimes some confrontation.
Ronn Arif
Ronn Arif'Good things take time'
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I am Ronn, passionate about everything to do with nutrition, training and health. Bringing out the inner strength in people is what really gives me satisfaction. In my bootcamp and boxing classes, you will always get intense workouts and learn to use and strengthen your body functionally in a fun way.

As a trainer it is my goal to let you go home with a good feeling after a top workout!
Victor Cools
Victor Cools'If you just go far enough east, you'll automatically get to the west!'
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I can often be found behind the front desk but here and there I also take a class! I really enjoy having a chat with everyone and helping people where I can. People describe me as cheerful and sociable, I love a joke but also a good conversation. Besides working here, I am a physio in training. So for all your questions you can come to me!
Les Wille
Les Wille'Learn from your mistakes but also from others'
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I like to give everything something positive. I encourage you to do the same. Furthermore, I have been vegan for 14 years and hope to achieve a lot here.
Anne Sieberichs
Anne Sieberichs'It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.'
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Hi, I'm Anne and about 1.5 years ago I made the choice to join Black & White Community, which quickly turned out to be a good choice. Now I can also join the Soulride team and hope to be part of the positivity that Black & White passes on to its members! My class will be super fun with fun music. So come join a class soon, and let's have fun!
Cindy Tax
Cindy Tax'Do what you want, you only live once'
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Hi, I'm Cindy. My passion is music, dance and movement! I have been with Black & White for many years. I teach Club Power and you can also find me in our freestyle classes like Bodyshape. In my classes you can expect a lot of energy and great music, to bang together and to keep going, combined with an approachable and fun atmosphere. Hope to see you soon!
Roos van der Noord
Roos van der Noord'When there are setbacks in life I try to turn them into opportunities'
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For over a year now I have been working for Black & White Community and I am still happy and grateful every day that this came my way. I was looking for a place where like-minded people come together, a place where love but most of all passion for consciousness and health was paramount. That is truly what you find here. Besides working here four mornings a week, I have my own company I dare you to in which I focus on inspiring, enthusing and systemic coaching, among other things.
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Marita"Follow your heart, because it beats."
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When you think of Marita, you probably think of a positive atmosphere, lots of energy, swinging music and above all the feeling that you are always welcome. Teaching and motivating people is her passion!

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