Boxing Breda

Outdoor (Kick)boxing in Breda

Get in Shape!

At Black & White, we provide boxing workouts for everyone who wants to get fit, train hard and feel good. Our 100m² outdoor area has lots of punching bags in addition to other equipment, such as TRX, pull-up bars and tractor tires.


Get in top shape with our intense boxing workout! For hygienic reasons, we ask you to bring your own boxing gloves.

Unique Boxing in Breda

Our kickboxing is perfect for everyone who wants to train hard. We can go all out because we only punch the punching bags. This minimizes injuries and makes the workout accessible for beginners. We also provide heavy bags for our experienced boxers, so everyone can give it their all!


Our boxing area is unique because it is the only outdoor boxing area in Breda. Training outside means your body has easier access to oxygen, which helps your muscles and clears your mind. The perfect workout to stay healthy!

A True Passion for Boxing

At Black & White, we are very passionate about boxing. Our owner, Marcel Wille, used to be a professional kickboxer. He trained a lot with Cor Hemmers and was the sparring partner of Ramon Dekkers. He even fought several times in Thailand. Marcel can teach you a lot! Join us and experience the vibe!

"To stand still is to go backwards. Keep the motor running!"

- Marcel Wille


You are also welcome at all our yoga classes!

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The Benefits of Boxing

Boxing can have enormous benefits, such as the following:

  • It makes you fit.
  • It increases oxygen levels in your brain.
  • It considerably improves your coordination.
  • It strengthens your muscles.
  • It helps you relax.
  • It teaches you to defend yourself.
  • It increases your self-confidence.

Boxing is rising in popularity. Not only does it have health benefits, it is also very social! You always practice with a partner, which means you get to know all the other participants. Everyone is giving it their best and we love to see it!

Cold weather tips:

  • Make sure you don't wait outside too early, but can start right when you arrive.
  • We recommend wearing activewear and a fleece sweatsuit. 
  • If you have short hair, wear a beanie (you can always take it off later).
  • Keep moving and you'll be sweating soon.