Focus & Inspiration

"To keep my focus, I find working in an inspiring work environment very important." - Laura Martin

Entrepreneur and wife

Being an entrepreneur and a woman these days is not always easy for me. Sometimes I feel I have to work harder, constantly prove myself and stand up for myself. It could also be that I set the bar high for myself. Yet I am very aware that I also have to be kind to myself. Hard with a soft touch if I do say so myself haha.


I usually start my day with a coffee and go through my agenda and some documents, make some phone calls and get to work on my laptop. After an appointment, I always try to unload, get some fresh air and let my mind go. You can't always be 100% committed, you have to take your foot off the pedal and recharge your batteries.

How do I keep my focus?

To keep my focus, I find working in an inspiring environment very important. A nice meeting room or a place where you can find new inspiration, have lunch and meet creative people. That always makes a good day and gives a lot of energy.


Yes, I combine my Focus by getting inspiration. Actually, being an entrepreneur and a woman is quite fun 😉

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