5 reasons why team building
increases business results

It may sound familiar to you: team building, that's what we do already, right? But in practice, more attention could be paid to it. Especially now that we have been working from home for so long. How about in your team?


As you probably know, a company is nothing other than a structured group of people moving towards the same goal. But how important is team spirit in this? And how does a strong team lead to higher business results?


Teambuilding is often seen as something that yields little. "We'd better have an official meeting, at least this way we can get results" might be a view. What people do not understand is that the organisation stands or falls with how people work together. And you don't get good cooperation just by having formal meetings.


Here are the 5 main reasons why team building increases business results:


1. The company structure is temporarily discontinued

By doing something new as a team in a different environment, the whole team goes out of its comfort zone. Everyone is new and therefore everyone is equal. The hierarchy of the organisation temporarily falls away and people can now connect with each other on a deeper level. You can see that the employees start to understand each other better, because they get to know each other better. This makes them more inclined to do more for each other at work.


2. The informal communication flow is strengthened

By coming together informally as a team, you get casual and natural conversations. These conversations are much more valuable than is often thought, because they form the company culture. Only the company culture creates a feeling of being part of the organisation. Employees want to be part of the company because of that culture. It motivates them enormously.


3. This positive experience is taken into work

If the teambuilding was a real success, the employees still talk about it years later. It's often about the feeling you shared with each other. You take that positive feeling with you to work for a longer period of time. I don't think I have to explain that this also increases the company's results.


4. Team building creates trust

If group cohesion is good, there is a strong form of trust in a team. Trust ensures that people can look each other in the eye and be honest with each other. It ensures that you trust your colleague to keep the agreements he/she has made. You also sincerely believe that this person has really done his or her best. Trust is the basis of a strong relationship.


5. The team feels appreciated

An employer who is prepared to invest in his/her team always gets this back in a positive way. People who feel appreciated will work harder, be more loyal to the company, and develop more. Appreciation is something that only works if it is given sincerely by the right person. Teambuilding is a form of sincere appreciation.



Together Everyone Achieves More


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