Vegan Food in Breda

Looking for Vegan in Breda?

We show you how delicious vegan food is. From delicious Vietnamese Pho to Indonesian Gado Gado. We prepare it for you with love!

The 1st Vegan Hotspot in Breda

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Vegan at Black & White Kafe

At Black & White Kafe, we like to keep things casual. Our interior has an industrial vibe with friendly self-imported Balinese furniture. Enjoy the view on our city garden with bamboo plants, palm trees and an idyllic water fountain. In the summer, you may even enjoy a smoothie out there in the green.

Inside, you can watch our chefs prepare your healthy and delicious vegan meals in the open kitchen. Our diverse team loves to experiment with lots of ingredients and cooking methods. 

Vegan, vegetarian and organic ingredients

We draw a lot of inspiration from Asian cuisine because the possibilities are endless! Many traditional Asian dishes are already vegan and therefore perfect for us. Next to our bowls, we serve delicious sandwiches, juicy burgers and tasty soups. 

We use organic ingredients wherever possible and all our meals come fresh out of the oven! We step it up by not only cooking vegetarian, but 100% plant-based. Never tried vegetarian, vegan or organic food? Let us show you the possibilities!

"It's best to eat food that gives you energy. If that food is also tasty, healthy living is a breeze."

- Emilio Wille

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Minimizing our Carbon Footprint

At Black & White, we do our best to preserve our planet for future generations. All our food is vegan by conscious choice. Not only is vegan food better for your body, it also keeps our carbon footprint small. We try to minimize our waste by cutting down on plastic. For example, our straws are made from PLA, a cornstarch that decomposes in nature.


At Black & White Kafe, we only use honest ingredients. We serve exclusively EARTH-brand coffee, which is not only well-rounded and organic, but also funds water projects in Africa. That way, you never drink alone! Our vegetables are locally sourced wherever possible and we keep in touch with our local suppliers to ensure that our farmers get a good price. Our cake is from a patisserie in Tilburg and our sourdough bread is freshly baked in a traditional bakery around the corner in Oosterhout.


Meet with us

Our vegan hotspot in Breda is easy to reach as it’s only 3 minutes from the highway A27 (exit Breda-Noord). Park for free in front of the building and come by for a nice cup of coffee or try our vegan High Tea ! And if you are here on business, we would love to welcome you in one of our four inspiring meeting rooms, complete with delicious vegan lunch. See you soon!

Work at Kafe

Do you want to inspire people to live consciously? Do you have a passion for a healthy lifestyle? Check out our open positions!